Copy Trading from WarlockTrader – Instructions

Earn money passively in the trading market – through Copy Trading by WarlockTrader

The dealer „WarlockTrader“ refers to 10 years of trading experience. He was able to achieve a return of more than 600 percent with his copy account. A 75 percent return in February 2023 brought him more than $5,300 in profit.

…. 27 percent profit in first march week 2023


You can be there and benefit from the most successful trades and strategies without your knowledge or action.

You need to sign up with the broker Roboforex. Setting up copy trading is done in stages. This is how you have to do it:

Step 1: Free registration at Roboforex

Roboforex is among the brokers that make copy trading possible; over 500 traders to choose from. WarlockTrader is one of the top traders with daily results of 3 percent and more.


  • Click on the green „Open Account“ button
  • Click on „I have the affiliate code“
  • Enter your email, first name, last name and phone number.
  • Enter the following under Affiliate Code: msma
  • Put a tick in the checkboxes
  • Click on „Register“

Open trading account / live account

Click on Open a new account and here on Trading account. Enter the data in the next step as shown in the following image.

The trading account must be opened:

  • Trading platform: MetaTrader 4
  • Account model: MT4 Prime
  • Currency: USD
  • Leverage: 1:300
  • Password: you get it from the broker when you register
  • Affiliate code: msma


Capitalize trading account

The next step is to deposit money at Roboforex. This is very easy with Roforex. You have a wide range of deposit options.

After creating the trading account, click on “Deposit Funds”.
The correct trading account should be displayed. check that
Choose your desired payment method. Credit card is fast, bank transfer is safe.
Select „No Bonus“.
Make sure you deposit at least 100 euros into the account.
Click on „Deposit Funds“.

As soon as the process of „depositing money“ is completed and the amount has been credited to the account, your participation in copy trading begins. As soon as the trader opens a trade, it is automatically transferred in proportion to your account balance.

Please email me your Roboforex account number
This is used to verify that everything has been set up correctly. Send your Roboforex account number to the following email address:

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